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Solutions for sustainable and healthy transportation

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The Challenges

Our dependence on cars is detrimental to our well-being, the environment and our quality of life.

Not only are there more and more vehicles on the road, but they keep getting bigger. Urban sprawl has increased the need to travel long distances, reducing access to active and public transportation and increasing solo driving (thereby requiring new transportation infrastructure, in turn encouraging more urban sprawl). A vicious circle.

It’s high time to rethink our transportation policies and to adopt healthier mobility habits.


Transportation is responsible for nearly 45% of GHG emissions in Quebec and 25% of emissions in Canada.

Our vision

A society that encourages low carbon mobility, prioritizing active, public and shared modes of transportation.

Our initiatives

Promoting active, collective and shared transportation

Rethinking how we get around and considering the different options in order to reduce solo driving.

Smaller vehicles

The vehicles on our roads are constantly getting bigger. We've been studying the phenomenon, creating awareness and provoking debate on the issue.

Transportation electrification

We're working to accelerate transportation electrification in order to reduce emissions and improve air quality, in collaboration with other low carbon modes of transportation.

Our political advocacy work

We're working to create awareness, provoke reflection and debate, and develop recommendations to guide our governments towards sustainable mobility solutions.

Our impact

Moving sustainable mobility forward for more than 25 years


Since the launch of the Vélovolt trial program, 42 organizations with hundreds of employees have tried out an electrically-assisted bike for commuting purposes over a period of 2 to 4 weeks.


The Quebec government abandons the 3rd Link project in Quebec City.


Running Electric 

Phase 2 of the campaign, including the electrification of organizations' fleets.


Launch of the new Canadian Electric School Bus Alliance, bringing together 34 Canadian organizations to accelerate the energy transition in this sector.

No SUV for me 

Launch of the No SUV for Me campaign to raise awareness of the impact of SUVs.



Study: The Rise of Light-Duty Trucks in Canada

Launch of a series of reports on the causes and consequences of the trend towards larger vehicles.


Canada announces that no new gas-powered cars will be sold by 2035

The government commits to establishing a pan-Canadian standard on zero emission vehicles.


Electric bikes as an alternative to solo driving

Équiterre launches Vélovolt, a campaign to study and promote electric bikes in Quebec.


My Electric School Bus

Équiterre's campaign to mobilize key stakeholders around school bus electrification.


Activating the transition towards cleaner vehicles

Équiterre launches a new report, "The Road Ahead to Low-Carbon Mobility: A Feebate System for Canada's Light Duty Vehicle Segment.


Annoucement that no new gas-powered cars will be sold in Quebec by 2035.


Quebec adopts a sustainable mobility policy: Politique de mobilité durable 2018-2030 du Québec.

Running Electric

Équiterre launches an awareness and mobilization campaign on electric cars in Quebec.

Launch of a public transportation project in Quebec City after a successful public mobilisation campaign.


Educational material for schools

The Mon école branchée campaign creates awareness among youth about transportation electrification.


The potential for a national electric vehicle standard

Launch of a report, "Accelerating the Transition to Electric Mobility in Canada," at an annual national conference on transportation electrification in Toronto.


Quebec adotps a law on zero emission vehicles!

Let's go biking!

Quebec allocates $50 millions over 10 years
to the Route verte.


Electrifying Encounters across Quebec

A campaign to educate Quebecers about electric cars and to encourage test drives.


Quebec adopts the Plan d'action en électrification des transports 2015-2020.


Report: Changer de direction

A report about the need to rethink how we get around - reducing the distances we need to travel, transfering solo driving to active and public transportation and improving the energy efficiency of our vehicles.


I get around my neighbourhood!

A campaign to promote active transportation and local businesses.


Cocktail transport

A campaign to create awareness about the alternatives to solo driving especially among young adults.


Libre comme l'air

Biking expeditions to create awareness about environomentally friendly biking initiatives in Quebec.