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Report and study

Putting wheels on the bus to help public transit

The federal government as a key player in ensuring adequate funding

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In Canada, transportation is the second largest source of carbon pollution, largely due to a highly damaging dependency on cars.

This dependency is not unrelated to the fact that the country's public transit system is currently in crisis. Services are inadequate, waiting times too long and fares too high. Yet new data shows that by adequately funding public transit, the federal government could remedy this situation and accelerate the deployment of public transit services - to the benefit of all Canadians.

Better still, this investment would double ridership and reduce GHG emissions by 65 million tonnes by 2035. This report proves it.

To read for:

  • Discovering federal funding solutions to accelerate public transit deployment

  • Understanding the gaps in current financing

  • Understanding the links to be made between public transit, land-use planning and the reduction of GHG emissions

  • pdf  - 4.54 mb Full report Putting wheels on the bus

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  • pdf  - 0.28 mb Executive Summary Putting wheels on the bus

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  • pdf  - 1.91 mb Dunsky and Leading Mobility Transit for the Climate Technical Report

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