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29 May 2020
As the public health crisis is pushing governments to work towards an economic recovery, electrification of our transportation systems constitutes a winning strategy, allowing us to not only reduce the environmental footprint of the cars on the road but also help develop an industrial sector which...
29 May 2020
The idea of relying less on your car or even going without one entirely might be a scary prospect for some, but test-driving the idea for a month during these unprecedented times could prove a very worthwhile and profitable option! It might even convince you to opt for a car-free lifestyle. Did you...
29 May 2020
 By Jessie Pelchat The current crisis has raised numerous transportation issues. Équiterre is working hard to keep up the pressure on the government and and to offer concrete solutions to build on the progress that has been made in sustainable mobility. How can we transform the negative news...
26 May 2020
As governments prepare recovery plans amidst the COVID-19 crisis, an informal alliance of over 150 civil society groups, representing collective memberships of millions in Canada, are demanding these plans move us toward a more equitable and sustainable future, with the release, today, of six...
1 May 2020
What will the world of tomorrow look like? How can we make it brighter and more sustainable? And do we have the power to do so? Is our vision of the future achievable? If we work together, it is. We’ve built an economy that has many advantages, but its weaknesses threaten our very existence...
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