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30 July 2020
The federal government has announced that there will be a federal impact assessment on the proposed expansion of the Vista Coal Mine in Alberta. The decision takes new revelations into account about the extent of the proposed expansion and goes back on a decision made in December. The many...
7 July 2020
As the federal government works out its COVID-19 economic recovery, the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) today released seven principles that outline a roadmap for meeting Canada’s 2050 climate commitments while spurring economic resiliency and creating good jobs....
1 July 2020
The sum of all our individual actions brings about change, and every action counts - a statement often repeated by Équiterre. Though that will always be the case, our current situation calls for something far bigger - for much larger steps. The pandemic has laid bare our vulnerabilities while...
1 July 2020
Every month, Équiterre suggests an action to help make our communities and our systems more resilient. But these individual actions will only have a meaningful impact if they are part of a broader reform process. Changes must be collective to positively transform our economy, our social systems and...
1 July 2020
Whether in a pandemic context or not, our government relations team is constantly working to defend what is dear to you, to promote Équiterre’s mission and to push our elected officials to take action. Here, Marc-André Viau, our Director of Government Relations, gives us an overview of some...
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