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Policy recommendation

Équiterre comments on Orientations gouvernementales en aménagement du territoire (OGAT)

Doing better in adaptation, for our farmland, for our living environments

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Urban sprawl affecting farmland and natural areas, the proliferation of highways and parking lots, the destruction of built heritage, heat islands... For decades, there has been a lack of reflection and proper planning by the government when it comes to land use. The many issues that have resulted have had serious consequences on our environment, our health, our safety and our collective well being, especially for low income communities.

Unbridled development can no longer continue, but the challenges are enormous:

  • energy demand and new industrial trends are putting pressure on our natural environments;

  • extreme climatic phenomena are destroying living environments and infrastructures;

  • the lack of sustainable mobility links between Quebec's cities and regions encourages dependence on the solo car and the development of infrastructures dedicated to this mode of travel;

  • failure to tackle the housing crisis is exacerbating social problems.

Équiterre therefore welcomes the tabling of the new orientations gouvernementales en aménagement du territoire [government policy directions in the area of land-use planning] (OGAT). The attached document contains our comments on the three new policy directions that relate to Équiterre's areas of expertise.

See the following to understand our recommendations on the following policy directions:

  • OGAT #1 - Foster community resilience by reinforcing adaptation to climate change and increasing the security of living environments;

  • OGAT #3 - Plan the management and development of agricultural land in such a way as to ensure that it is protected, that its full potential is developed and that an environment is created that is conducive to the pursuit of agricultural activities;

  • OGAT #4 - Consolidate existing living environments and integrate transportation planning in ways to promote sustainable mobility, meet housing needs and protect the natural and agricultural environments.

These comments from Équiterre were forwarded to the Quebec government on August 30, 2023, as part of the Consultation sur les orientations gouvernementales en aménagement du territoire [consultation on government policy directions in the area of land-use planning]. Équiterre also contributed to the recommendations submitted by the G15+ collective, of which it is a member.
  • pdf  - 0.18 mb Commentaires et recommandations d’Équiterre dans le cadre de la consultation sur les orientations gouvernementales en aménagement du territoire

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