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The oil and gas sector must do its part!

The issues

  • 88% In Canada, GHG emissions from the oil and gas sector have increased by 88% since 1990!

In December 2023, the federal government announced a regulatory framework for a cap on oil and gas sector greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across the country, to set a maximum limit on the GHGs these industries are allowed to emit.

Emissions from oil and gas production are the largest source of pollution in the country – and without the cap, they will continue to grow. The increase in oil and gas pollution has canceled out all the recent progress in emissions reduction in other sectors of the economy.

Though the emissions cap framework is a much-awaited step in the right direction, the proposed regulations fall far short of what the science says is necessary.

For a truly rigorous emission cap, we’re calling for the following improvements:

  1. To impose annual caps that are aligned with climate science and Canada's 2030 GHG emissions reduction target;
  2. To exclude offsets and loopholes that would allow these industries to avoid their obligations;
  3. To be implemented as soon as possible, before 2025.

The opportunity

The federal government is holding public consultations to give the public a chance to express their views on the framework, until February 5.

This is your opportunity to help improve the regulations and put pressure on polluting industries.

Let's call on the government to implement the emissions cap regulations quickly, and ensure that there are no loopholes for the oil and gas industries.

We've pre-written an email with our recommendations that you can send directly to the government. It won’t take much of your time, but will have a significant impact.

Remember that the oil and gas lobbies are sending their messages to the government in order to limit the constraints that the cap will impose on them! We need to send our messages to counter their lobbying to get a strong emissions cap system.

Your participation in the consultations is essential

Take action

Take action

  1. The oil and gas sector must be held accountable for its pollution

Do you have specific comments or input on the regulations to cap and cut the oil and gas industry’s emissions? The consultation closes on February 5th at midnight. You can send your own written comments to