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Volunteer Marie-Soleil L’Allier helps companies go green

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Actu - Marie-Soleil L'Allier : une bénévole engagée

After 10 years working for IT firms and web agencies, in 2013 Marie-Soleil L’Allier decided to change direction and pursue a master’s degree in environmental science at the Université du Québec à Montréal so she could help companies go green more quickly.

Marie-Soleil, who now volunteers for Équiterre’s Montreal action group, is sure that major change is around the corner. “Green companies are the next generation, and their primary goal is to make our societies more sustainable, for instance, by working on solutions to reduce fossil fuel use. They are paving the way for an economy that is aware of the planet’s limitations,” she says.

Marie-Soleil joined the Équiterre team to take concrete action on sustainable development. She takes part in environmental demonstrations, collects signatures for our Say No to Tar Sands petition and organizes discussion evenings on various subjects.

She finds working with Équiterre encouraging: “Getting involved makes me less cynical. It’s empowering to work together, and discussing issues makes it easier to get ideas across and come up with solutions.”

In 2015, Marie-Soleil will also be on a committee that aims to make Montreal a fair trade city.

After completing her master’s, she plans to pursue a doctorate in administration so she can continue to help companies going green. “It’s too late for pessimism. We must act now if we want to create a more just society that is in harmony with nature.”