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Quebec’s third largest city rejects TransCanada’s Energy East project. Équiterre applauds decision by Laval mayor Marc Demers

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Montreal, Thursday September 9th 2015 – Équiterre salutes the decision by Laval mayor Marc Demers to oppose the TransCanada’s Energy East project. The mayor invoked many reasons for the decision including the security of the population and the protection of the environment as well as risks of oil spills near the city’s water sources. Équiterre also welcomes the mayor’s decison to create and lead a vast coalition of municipalities and organisations opposed to the project.

«On the eve of the Paris Climate Change Conference, mayor Demers is absolutely right in saying that the future of Laval is not in the development of fossil fuels. In fact, many international organisations and agencies such as Bloomberg have shown that renewable energies have outpaced fossil fuels in annual investments of energy production» said Steven Guilbeault of Équiterre.

«We also wish to applaud the city’s intention to promote growth through the reduction of GHG emissions, the electrification of transportation systems, the reduction of car use, the increase of active transportation and many others measures», Guilbeault added.

Seventy municipalities in Quebec already oppose TransCanada’s Energy East project,reprensenting almost half the municipalities that would be affected by the pipeline (a list of those municipalities can be found at :

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