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Come see the polar bear ice sculture!

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Actu - Ours polaire

Planning an upcoming visit to Montreal? Don’t miss the chance to admire and take a picture of the Polar Bear on Thin Ice, a life-size polar bear carved out of ice on display in front of the Centre for Sustainable Development in the Quartier des Spectacles until January 6th.

This joint initiative of Inuit artist Peter Ittukallak and Quebec artist Julien Doré aims to raise awareness of the urgent need to fight climate change.

Icons of the Arctic, polar bears are key indicators of the effects of climate change on its wildlife and communities. Sadly, the region is changing dramatically—and at an alarming rate. And the changes to its landscape are irreversible. To demonstrate what’s happening to Arctic ice, the sculpture will gradually melt to reveal the bear’s bronze skeleton. As WWF-Canada’s Arctic Program Director, Peter Crowley, said at the conference, L’Arctique se réchauffe : conséquences sur les espèces et les communautés [Arctic warming: the impact on wildlife and communities], on November 25, “The Arctic is a harbinger of what will happen in the rest of the world; it’s a barometer, a warning sign and a way to help save the planet. We must limit the impact of climate change and make sure that the tonnes of greenhouse gases trapped in Arctic ice aren’t released into the atmosphere. To do this, we must keep global warming under 1.5°.”

With all the warm weather, the magnificent bear has already started to melt. Don’t wait; come see this important work of art and get a photo of you and the bear before it disappears.

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