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It’s no longer about “small steps”

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The sum of all our individual actions brings about change, and every action counts - a statement often repeated by Équiterre. Though that will always be the case, our current situation calls for something far bigger - for much larger steps.

The pandemic has laid bare our vulnerabilities while testing the limits of our systems and the solidarity of our social fabric.

This is readily apparent during the current deconfinement period: what we told ourselves in the early days of the pandemic, such as “this crisis will change everything”, “nothing will ever be the same” and even “ça va bien aller” may well turn out to have been overly optimistic.

GHG emissions are rebounding sharply and there are many signs of a return to “normal” - a "normal" that is doing serious damage to our planet and threatening our future and our children’s future.


I don’t mean to be an alarmist, but the change our societies so desperately need will not just magically appear. The forces of inertia are powerful. Political and social structures are proving to be unyielding. The change we need and all those who fight for it (including you, dear supporters) will continue to face headwinds.

In Ottawa, we need to keep an eye on the federal government and on what support – if any – they will be giving the oil and gas industry. Will they finally put in place a coherent legislative framework to confront the climate crisis?

In Quebec, the government will bring back its Bill 61, and will table its Bill 44 on climate governance. We must all work together to ensure that the recovery is green and just.

The stakes are clear: we need major and rapid transformation. It’s time to truly work together to confront the current challenges and to prepare for those that lie ahead.

What’s the old saying – “all for one and one for all,” right?

At Équiterre, our theory of change is founded on two things: an informed and mobilized citizenry and informed and equipped governments that are emboldened to act. That’s the vital work of our mobilization, communications and government relations teams.

The looming battle

There will continue to be many challenges from the many crises that we’re facing. And we need you more than ever - as many people as possible to get involved to help move us forward. You can be an important vector of change: learn how to mobilize the people around you in the fight for change.

For inspiration, have a look at how Équiterre’s intrepid Government Relations team is working to convince our elected officials to implement resilient and sustainable solutions. 

And despite everything, try to take advantage of these summer months to recharge your batteries. Spend quality time with loved ones, do some gardening, go biking or simply enjoy the beauty around you… because the fall months are going to be quite something!

Équiterre will stay the course. We won’t let up. Change is happening. But we need to speed it up.

Colleen Thorpe
Executive Director, Équiterre