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ONE EARTH, ONE VOICE - Demand a green and just recovery. Now!

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The federal government is about to give the Canadian economy a multi-billion-dollar kick-start in an effort to recover from the COVID-19 health crisis. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to invest in a green recovery - a sustainable stimulus package focused on increasing employment and helping Canada transition to a cleaner and more equitable economy.

But some of Canada’s biggest polluters, like oil, gas and petrochemical companies, are pushing hard for the federal government to funnel recovery spending into their industries. Given the expected amount of dollars, it is essential that these funds are not used for activities that would further contribute to amplifying the climate and environmental crisis.

Our voice and your voice matter more than ever! This is our best chance to ask for a green and just recovery. The health crisis has taught us a valuable lesson - when we act together, we can overcome even the largest of obstacles.


A green recovery for Canada means above all, investing in a society that places people’s health and the well-being of natural ecosystems that sustain all species, above corporate profits. That means that any investments made cannot set environmental progress back, undermine environmental justice, or be incompatible with Canada’s environmental commitments.

A green recovery means investing in:

  • A just transition to a sustainable low-carbon economy;
  • The protection and restoration of land, freshwater, and ocean ecosystems along with the wildlife that call these places home;
  • An end to the use of single-use plastics, and the growth of a circular economy;
  • The replacement of toxic chemicals used in agricultural, consumer goods and manufacturing with safer alternatives;
  • The development of accessible, affordable and healthy communities and transportation networks;
  • A future that prioritizes social and racial justice, economic equity and well-being, built in partnership with Indigenous Peoples and the communities most exposed to environmental harm.


Équiterre is joining our efforts with those of 14 of the largest environmental organizations in Canada and Quebec to roll out the One Planet, One Voice campaign, helping Canadians make their voices heard.

Please join your voice to ours!

Tell the federal government that you don't want billions of dollars going to big polluters. Instead, demand that the government invest in a green recovery to create a stronger and more equitable and sustainable society.

We have prepared this pre-written email, which you can send to key policy makers such as Justin Trudeau, Chrystia Freeland, Navdeep Bains, Jonathan Wilkinson and the leaders of the opposition to demand a green and just recovery!

Send an email to your government >>

A low carbon future depends on your voice.


 - Talk to your MPs on social media;

Sample Facebook post

Canada needs a recovery plan that puts our health over polluters’ profits. I know that it’s possible. We don’t need to compromise our health and Canada’s ecosystems as we recover from this pandemic. A more resilient economy is possible if we put people’s wellbeing & the protection of nature first. Together, we can demand a #greenandjustrecovery. Join me! #JustRecovery #GreenRecovery #oneearthonevoice

Sample Twitter post

Canada needs a recovery plan that puts people’s health and wellbeing over polluters’ profits. Together, we can demand a #greenrecovery. #oneearthonevoice #justrecovery CC: @JustinTrudeau @cafreeland #Canpol #OneEarthOneVoice

Sample Instagram post

Do you agree that the post-COVID-19 recovery must prioritize our health and the protection of the environment? Request a #GreenAndJustRecovery @justinpjtrudeau @chrystiafreeland

- Call your MP to discuss with them directly

Find your MP’s contact details HERE >>

 - Write an open letter in your local newspaper

If you need any support with these actions, please contact us at