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Record attendance for the 4th edition of our eco-friendly zero waste Change the World Run

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Record attendance for the 4th edition of our eco-friendly zero waste Change the World Run

What an incredible show of support for the environmental and zero waste movement at Équiterre’s Change the World Run this past Saturday. Having had to close registration several days early to avoid going over capacity, more than 1,200 people of all ages joined us on Mount Royal for our eco-friendly race, raising $78,330 for Équiterre.

Changing the world, one event at a time!

An educational event, the Change the World Run demonstrates how it’s possible to put on a large scale race event that puts the respect for the environment at the forefront. In contrast to the over 500 race events held every year in Quebec that generate a considerable amount of waste (bottled water, food wrappers, promotional items, etc.), all elements of the Change the World Run were examined and reflect, to the extent possible, the best practices in eco-responsibility. Among them:

  • Water refill stations and reusable cups
  • No unnecessary promotional items
  • Leave no traces principles
  • Local, fair trade, environmentally-responsible suppliers (where possible)
  • Local, organic, fair trade snacks (where possible)
  • Recycling and composting stations

Five times more waste created at traditional race events than in everyday life
“Everything is considered from a reduction at source perspective,” explains Colleen Thorpe, Interim Executive Director at Équiterre. “At traditional races, participants generate five times more waste than they would in their everyday life. The Change the World Run helps us reflect on how simply we can reduce this environmental burden.”

Simple ways to make races more environmentally-responsible

Équiterre created a guide for how to organize eco-friendly races following the first edition of the Change the World Run in 2016, and has since been working with organizers of other races to help them move towards zero waste. The Change the World Run is also an opportunity to educate participants on how they can be more environmentally-responsible runners, by bringing their own water bottles, refusing promotional items, maintaining and repairing their running clothes and equipment and exchanging or donating used equipment.

Have a look at our videos for tips on how to be a green runner and how to organize environmentally-responsible races:


All funds raised for the Change the World Run will support Équiterre’s work in climate change, responsible consumption, sustainable transportation and agriculture and local and organic food procurement. There is still time to make a donation in support of our zero waste race! Please help us reach our $85,000 fundraising goal for the Change the World Run. We’re at nearly 85%!

Équiterre is very grateful to CN, official sponsor of the Change the World Run, for its support.

Together, we can change the world, one step at a time!