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Stop fossil fuel subsidies!

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$3.3 billion. That’s the amount Canada invests in fossil fuels every year—and taxpayers are footing the bill. It’s time for the federal government to stop giving handouts to the oil, gas and coal industries, which directly undermines Canada’s carbon-pricing plans and efforts to reduce GHGs.

Canada is creating a double standard when it comes to carbon emissions from fossil fuel production. In 2020, Canadians can expect to pay $18 to $30 per ton of carbon dioxide emitted, depending on the province they live in. Subsidies to oil and gas producers incentivizes fossil fuel production reach up to $19 per ton of carbon dioxide emitted. So polluters are rewarded and carbon pricing is undermined. This system is like taxing consumers when they buy cigarettes and giving massive tax breaks to tobacco companies that encourage them to produce more cigarettes. It doesn’t make sense!

This holiday season, please tell the federal government to be consistent and stop giving handouts to fossil industries.

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