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Victory! TransCanada puts an end to its Energy East project

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Early this morning, TransCanada announced the end of its Energy East project. Équiterre and many civil society groups, such as the Assembly of First Nations of Quebec and Labrador, the United Federations of Producers, trade unions, 300 municipalities and citizen groups had mobilized against this project for many years.

“Today is an exciting day for the climate and the tens of thousands of individuals who have fought against this senseless project. This is an important day for all those who have advocated a better future on behalf of our children. We have won!” declared Sidney Ribaux, Équiterre Executive Director.

For Équiterre, this victory is the accomplishment of the unprecedented united front that has brought together civil society organizations, municipalities, farmers and citizens to rise against a project of a bygone era.

“If the Energy East project had become a reality, it would have made it practically impossible for Canada to achieve its Paris Agreement objectives with the addition of 7 million cars’ worth of GHG emissions. The end of this project is good news for both our communities and the environment,” emphasized Steven Guilbeault, Équiterre Senior Director.