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Action groups

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Actu - GAB Estrie

The most important part of Equiterre's mission is to get citizens involved, especially as members or volunteers.

In 2004, some of our members met up in Trois-Rivières to discuss concrete ways they could help the environment and promote social justice. The result was the Mauricie action group, the first Equiterre group of its kind, which has since been joined by action groups in Outaouais, Quebec City, Lanaudière and Montreal.

These groups strengthen the presence of Equiterre throughout the province and help implement our Strategic Plan. They also cater to local needs by addressing regional issues.

The objectives of the action groups are to:

  • bring together and motivate active members
  • extend the influence of Equiterre across Quebec
  • bolster Equiterre's actions in the community
  • provide active members with a framework that gives them more flexibility and autonomy to take on bigger challenges
  • attract new members to Equiterre
  • increase self-financing
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