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Support for the Camillien-Houde redesign from 6 civil society organizations

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Montreal, September 13, 2023 - Following the announcement of the redesign of the Camillien-Houde Way and Remembrance Road on Mount Royal, 6 Quebec civil society organizations praise the courage and coherence of the City of Montreal. This decision will help increase the canopy to protect biodiversity and address the urgency of climate change and the erosion of nature, while enhancing the experience on Mount Royal.

The following organizations support the initiative: Équiterre, SNAP Québec, Conseil régional de l'environnement de Montréal, Environnement Jeunesse, Association québécoise des médecins pour l'environnement (AQME) and Vélo Québec.


Colleen Thorpe, Executive Director, Équiterre:

"The City of Montreal is taking action that is in line with the realities of the world in which we now live. It shows us that there are collective responses to the health, environmental and safety issues that affect our communities. It's a courageous, forward-looking initiative that could inspire other municipalities to take decisive action.”

Alain Branchaud, Executive Director, SNAP Québec:

"This is a landmark decision, well aligned with the new Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework from COP15 and its goal to increase the size, quality and connectivity of green and blue spaces in urban areas."

Emmanuel Rondia, Executive Director, Conseil régional de l'environnement de Montréal:

"With the development of this path for active mobility, the experience on the mountain will be totally transformed. The proposed metamorphosis will offer a stronger connection with nature and a calmer, safer environment, an invitation to discover the mountain and its many natural gems."

Jean-François Rheault, Executive Director, Vélo Québec:

"Rarely in the history of a city do we have the opportunity to expand a park from within. By eliminating the Camillien-Houde expressway, we're bringing together sectors of Mount Royal Park that are currently landlocked. All this while improving pedestrian and cyclist safety. We are delighted with this ambitious vision."

Sarah-Katherine Lutz, Executive Director, ENvironnement JEUnesse:

"We welcome this project, which will lead to the creation of a space conducive to a better connection with nature, a place to help to relieve eco-anxiety. This announcement is in line with the demands of young people, for whom the protection of natural spaces is a priority."

Patricia Clermont, Coordinator, Association québécoise des médecins pour l'environnement (AQME):

"Mount Royal is Montreal's emblematic natural space and we are delighted with this development project, which contributes to improving air quality and enshrines the importance of nature's presence in the urban environment. At the same time, it recognizes and promotes the benefits of nature for the health of Montrealers."

For further information, please contact:

Anthony Côté-Leduc, Media Relations, Équiterre; (514) 605-2000

Charlène Daubenfeld, Communications Director, SNAP Québec; (514) 378-3880

Chloé Nignol, Communications Manager, CRE-Montréal ; 514-842-2890 ext. 3422

Patricia Clermont, Media Coordinator, AQME; 438-356-2305