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Let’s get gas out of our buildings

Gas is risky for health, finances and the climate.

The campaign 

In Québec

  • 200,000 Gas is in over 200,000 buildings in Quebec
  • 15% Gas provides 15% of the energy for Quebec buildings
  • 63% Gas is responsible for 63% of GHG emissions from Quebec buildings

Currently present in more than 200,000 buildings in Quebec, natural gas constitutes 15% of the energy consumed by residential, commercial and institutional buildings. It is still widely used for heating, cooking and drying.

But this so-called "natural" gas is in fact a fossil fuel and is responsible for 63% of the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the building sector in Quebec.

There are many risks of using gas in buildings - for health, finances and the climate.

Bad for health

There are significant respiratory health risks for children and people with health issues. A child living in a home with a gas stove has 42% greater chances to develop symptoms of asthma.

Toxic for the climate

Like all other fossil fuels, burning gas creates greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming.

Bills that can be surprising

The volatility of gas prices is definitely a factor to consider before choosing or replacing your heating system.

Alternatives exist that are better for your health, your wallet, the environment and the climate.

Our opportunity

Équiterre is a member of the new coalition “Sortons le gaz!”.

The “Sortons le gaz!” coalition brings together environmental, union and citizen organizations with a goal to promote energy conservation and efficiency in the building sector while accelerating the transition of Quebec buildings to 100% renewable energy sources. It works to raise awareness on the impacts of natural gas on our health and our environment, to promote the advantages of replacing it and to publicize the ways of doing so by informing the public and decision-makers at all levels.

Several Quebec municipalities have initiated resolutions to get fossil gas out of our buildings. In December 2022, the mayors of Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Otterburn Park, Petit-Saguenay, Prévost and Saint-Cuthbert adopted a resolution to accelerate the decarbonization of buildings. Drafted by the Centre québécois du droit de l'environnement (CQDE), the resolution calls on the Quebec government to plan for the rapid abandonment of natural gas in buildings and encourages municipal associations and MRCs to do so as well.

You can make a difference

Quebec can get rid of natural gas in residential, commercial and institutional buildings. You can help get gas out of Quebec buildings!

With this campaign we are calling on the Quebec government to plan to get natural gas out of buildings and we encourage municipal associations and MRCs to do so as well.

Let's get other municipalities to join this movement!

Take action

Encourage your municipality to get gas out of buildings in your area!

  1. Send the pre-written email (in French) to your municipal council.