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Policy recommendation

Circular economy in Montreal: strategies to promote

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The City of Montreal's initiative to create a circular economy roadmap is important in light of current waste management issues. The proposals put forward by Équiterre in the context of this consultation are primarily aimed at promoting the first strategies of the circular model, namely reduction at source, repair, reuse and the collaborative economy.

Quebec and its metropolis are not immune to the global crisis of resource waste. The Quebec economy is only 3.5% circular and nearly 271 million tons of materials are consumed each year, a level higher than the Canadian average. It is therefore urgent to find solutions to limit the overconsumption of these resources and to use them intelligently.

To read for;

  • Learn about our recommendations to promote the circular economy on the territory of the City of Montréal

  • Understand the impacts of over-consumption of furniture, appliances and electronics

  • Discover the proposed actions for a circular economy adapted to the value chains that are furniture, household appliances and electronics, textiles, plastics and mobility

This brief presents Équiterre's recommendations in the context of the City of Montreal's consultation on the Montreal Circular Economy Roadmap project.

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