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Environmentally friendly gifts for terrific teachers

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Just as the beautiful snow cover comes back every year, so too does the task of finding that perfect gift to show our gratitude to our children’s devoted teachers (or even our yoga, pottery or Spanish teachers!).

The Équiterre team has devised a list of fantastic gift ideas, chock full of items that are zero waste, local and environmentally friendly – some that can be kept and reused year after year!

Gifts that you can make yourself

Just watch out for food allergies or intolerances. When in doubt, refrain from using eggs, nuts, dairy products and gluten.

Locally-sourced gifts

  • Encourage a small local business: almost every neighbourhood has a florist with beautiful plants in sturdy pots, a small gift shop with items made by local creators, a hip little neighbourhood movie theatre, a new restaurant that everyone’s talking about, a café or even a repair café! A gift certificate is a great gift.
  • Give the gift of entertainment: a gift certificate for a museum or a concert hall.

La mansarde bleue, ABACA florist and Cinéma Beaubien on Beaubien street in Montreal’s Rosemont district

Holiday fairs and markets are great places to find just the right Quebec-made gift to suit all tastes:

Your teacher may want to kick back with a tasty beverage during the holiday season? Discover the many options that Quebec has to offer!

  • Quebec wines, cider and beer
  • Mead/Honey wine (there is an assortment of drier honey wines, a great gift for the most discerning of palates!): Beez Free sparkling honey wine (ferme apicole Desrochers, Miels d’Anicet)

Gifts for the planet

A gift that’s not just nice, but environmentally responsible as well.

For the teacher with a thirst for knowledge, a gift certificate can help him/her learn how to make and do all sorts of things, such as baking bread, canning, medicinal herbs for the family, furniture making, sewing, drawing, ceramics and so forth. For example:

Relaxation or personal care gifts

  • A gift certificate for a local spa or a yoga/meditation session (depending on your teacher’s interests)
  • Cream, soap, essential oils, eco-candles or bath salts made in Quebec make a nice gift that’s always appreciated

Ok, so the hardest part is done. Now all that’s left is to choose a gift that your teacher will love!

Encourage fellow parents to give waste-free eco-gifts as well. Green gift giving helps the planet and helps you sleep easy :)

The entire team at Équiterre wishes you a wonderful, eco-friendly holiday season!