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Report and study

Shared Mobility : Removing Regulatory Barriers In Canadian Cities

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The "Shared Mobility : Removing Regulatory Barriers In Canadian Cities" report explores the regulatory barriers faced by shared mobility in Canada’s three largest cities – Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. It is examined how regulatory and policy changes can encourage greater use of shared mobility options in support of broader economic, health and climate related objectives. Dunsky Consultating was commissioned by Équiterre to produce the report. Representatives of cities and the shared mobility industry operating in Canada’s three largest cities were interviewed.

Consult the press release on the publication of the report.

The report looked at 5 types of shared mobility services:

  • Taxis (traditional service, as well as ermerging models like TéoTaxi)
  • Ride Share (Lyft, Uber, etc.)
  • Car pooling
  • Car sharing with dedicated parking (Zip Car, Communauto).
  • Car sharing from pour A to B (Car to Go, Auto-mobile)

Structure of the report :

  • Section 1 — Context : Shared mobility
  • Section 2 — Shared mobility in Canada
  • Section 3 — Barriers limiting shared mobility devices
  • Section 4 — Next steps : Accelerating shared mobility

The 3 main recommendations are:

  • Action 1 : Re-evaluate existing regulations
  • Action 2 : Share and analyse data
  • Action 3 : Coordinate efforts among all relevant actors

Consult the report here.