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Policy recommendation

For a robust and accessible right to repair throughout Quebec

Key recommendations for action by the provincial government

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To combat the waste crisis, we need to transform our modes of production and consumption. Équiterre believes that the Quebec government's bill to promote the repairability, durability and maintenance of our goods is a step in the right direction.

However, we need to ensure that the bill, Loi protégeant les consommateurs contre l’obsolescence programmée et favorisant la durabilité, la réparabilité et l’entretien des biens, really does bring this change in the way goods are produced and how recourse to repair is facilitated. With this in mind, Équiterre presents its recommendations for improving the bill.

Read for :

  • Understand what kind of legislative measures can empower consumers to make sustainable consumption choices;

  • Find out what safeguards can be put in place to ensure the teeth of the law, but also to avoid evasion;

  • Learn more about concrete applications of changes that can advance the right to reparation in Quebec.

This brief, presented by Équiterre and supported by 23 organizations as well as 4 repair companies, was forwarded to the Ministry of Justice as part of the consultations on the Projet de Loi protégeant les consommateurs contre l'obsolescence programmée et favorisant la durabilité, la réparabilité et l'entretien des biens on September 12, 2023.

  • pdf  - 6.58 mb 503 Mémoire Pour un droit à la réparation robuste et accessible partout au Québec A23

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Comments filed as part of the Consultation sur les pouvoirs réglementaires octroyés au gouvernement

Amélie Côté, analyst, reduction at the source, and Julie-Christine Denoncourt, project manager, reduction at the source, presented the brief to the National Assembly.

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