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What to do with your used bike?

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Your bike doesn't work anymore? Your child has grown up? Don't throw it away! It can be repaired or refurbished and resold or distributed to people who will give it a second life!

Evaluate your needs

Before you get rid of your bike, make sure you really don't need it anymore. A well-repaired old bike can be very handy for getting around town and is less likely to be stolen. Cycling is an active mode of transportation that is good for the environment, your wallet and your health. A simple visit to a local bike repair shop can get your bike back on the road!

Give it a second life

If you really don't need it anymore, there are several options to give it a second life. A large number of unused or out-of-use bicycles could be refurbished and used again, thus avoiding the extraction of raw materials necessary for the production of the 600,000 new bicycles sold each year in Quebec.

There are many organizations that collect used bicycles, at home, through various drop-off points or that organize collections, and allow the implementation of social programs of professional reintegration.

Also consider visiting your nearest bike store or repair facility to see if they take back used bikes. This map could be useful.

Repairing your used bike is the best solution, whether you want to keep it or get rid of it. Repair is a subject that is very important to us, and we have just released the results of a Canada-wide study conducted by Équiterre to identify the obstacles and levers to repair and to propose solutions to facilitate access to it.

If you also care about repair, let governments know!