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Quebec must reduce the environmental impact of its fleet of vehicles, and one way to do so is to decarbonize school transportation. In addition to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the school bus fleet, the shift to electric buses also improves air quality and living conditions. It also contributes to Quebec's economic development through the creation of local jobs and revenues.

However, as with any technological shift, time and adaptation are required to adjust to new challenges. The My Electric Bus campaign seeks to facilitate and encourage the shift by providing sector stakeholders with information and tools to help find potential solutions to these challenges.


The following resources outline the benefits of electric school transportation, the technical aspects to be considered in electrifying a school bus fleet and what you, as a school transportation manager, driver or decision maker, can do to encourage it.

  • Fact Sheet - Costs and depreciation of an electric school bus
  • Fact sheet - Range and route planning
  • Fact Sheet - Charging a school bus
  • Fact sheet - Considerations for a smooth transition
  • Idea sheet - How to accelerate the electrification of school transportation in Quebec (available in French only)


Webinar: Electrifying your school bus fleet
Description: Financial programs and costs, charging, route planning, and all aspects to consider when making the shift to electric
Expert: Stéphane Pascalon, expert in fleet electrification
Target audience: drivers, school transportation managers, school community stakeholders
Webinar link (rebroadcast - available in French only) 

Webinar: Taking the mystery out of charging a school bus fleet
Description: Charging tips, types of facilities, power management, and existing tools Experts: Hydro-Québec and Ministère des transports du Québec
Target audience: operators and carriers
Webinar link (rebroadcast  - available in French only)

Live presentation of vehicles from manufacturers’ factories:

Virtual tour of Lion Electric’s factory
Description: Visit to the St-Jerome production plant for a tour of the LionC (TypeC) manufacturing line and talk with the experts on site.
Lion Electric presenters: Benoit Morin, Vice President of Sales, Canada, and Marc St-Hilaire, Manager of Sales, Canada
Target audience: operators and carriers.
Webinar link (rebroadcast - available in Frech only)

If you have any questions about these events or if you have suggestions for future webinars, please contact us at