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Toolkit : "No SUV for me"

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The "No SUV for me" toolkit is a one-stop shop for factsheets, guides, video clips and other tools to help you assess your true needs before buying a vehicle.

Fiche première auto

Thinking of buying your first car? Consult our brochure to learn more about the issues surrounding the purchase of an SUV.

Guide to buying or leasing a vehicule

If you really need a car, figure out what you actually need in terms of space, safety and capacity before opting for a vehicle that might be larger than what you need and cost more than you can afford.

  • pdf  - 10.25 mb 321_Guide_achat_location_vehicule_2023_ang

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Campaign Webinars

Discover our webinars for the "No SUV for me" campaign. Learn more about the impact of SUVs from our experts.

  • 🎬 Taille des véhicules: faire un choix éclairé (fr)

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  • 🎬 Why people buy SUVs and how they use them (eng)

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Campaign impact survey

We conducted a survey of Quebecers to measure the impact and performance of our "No SUV for me" advertising campaign. Survey conducted from June 8 to 16, 2023 among 1,001 Quebecers.