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It has never been so urgent to take action

The increasingly severe effects of the climate crisis are here. The consequences of spiraling biodiversity loss are significant. But the momentum to build a more resilient and equitable world is getting stronger.

the movement

With Équiterre, you’re a part of one of the strongest environmental voices in Quebec and Canada. Together, our voice is stronger as we call on our leaders to act now, to join us.

Équiterre is working to get all of society moving together, beyond our individual action, towards systemic change and environmental solutions.

A movement with an impact

138,160 supporters

+30 projects and campaigns to make our society more sustainable

25,000 donating members

a sustainable world

The environmental crisis and its consequences on our lives are forcing us to rethink and to drastically transform the systems that make up our society. Équiterre’s initiatives go to the root of the problems, opening up possibilities for a more sustainable future.


Solutions for a sustainable transformation of our society are constantly evolving. Équiterre is working to make scientifically-proven solutions more accessible. Through public intervention, we encourage debate. With new resources, we equip organizations, governments and citizens to propel the ecological transition.

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Be a part of change