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15 years at Équiterre for Colleen Thorpe

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Équiterre is fortunate to have a growing and dynamic team of employees, interns and volunteers. The new faces that join the team over the years are complemented and supported by employees who, for many years, have embodied the best of what the organization has to offer - including our very own Executive Director, Colleen Thorpe.

Colleen is celebrating 15 years with Équiterre in 2023, and her commitment and dedication to the cause deserve to be highlighted.

Colleen joined Équiterre in 2008, after several years as a journalist for different Quebec television stations. She started as a Senior Project Manager, before becoming Program Director and finally Executive Director in the fall of 2019, helping the organization face the challenges of the pandemic only a few months later.

Among her many projects and initiatives at Équiterre, Colleen created and managed the business advisory service, has given numerous conferences, launched the "Sportifs pour la planète" campaign, and initiated projects on soil health and the impact of large vehicles. She’s passionate about such issues as the planetary impact of our food choices, and has a strong focus on inclusivity and equity for workers in the ecological transition.

Colleen has always approached environmental issues through the lens of social justice and human behaviour, looking for the most convincing path towards change and significant victories. She has led numerous programs to influence decision-makers and mobilize citizens towards the ecological transition, drawing on her knowledge and using an approach based on dialogue, rigour and empathy.

Including Colleen, Équiterre has six employees with over 15 years of seniority.