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Anna Kubin—Volunteer striving for a better world

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Actu - Anna Kubin

Anna Kubin arrived in Quebec from Austria one chilly Friday in October 2013. The very same day, she was accepted for an internship with Équiterre. Three days later, Anna had joined the Collective Choices team, where she stayed a year and half.

This was the beginning of a professional and personal experience she’ll remember for a long time. “As well as discovering an environmental organization, I got to know a great crowd who really helped me integrate into Quebec!” Anna will always remember the many bring-a-cake office parties and friendships she made in an environment with an international feel, which reflects her life experiences.

The environment—a natural path
Anna discovered her passion for the environment during her year as an exchange student at the Université de Montréal seven years ago. It was in an environmental economics course—part of her economics degree—that Anna began to feel strongly that government and business should include the environment in their way of doing things!

Driven by her convictions, Anna pursued a master’s in environmental technology and international relations. She also became involved in various social and environmental projects, including an internship with the Vienna Environmental Ombudsman.

At Équiterre, Anna’s focus is on renewable energies, which she believes are essential to addressing climate change. She develops information tools and then mobilizes people by organizing public events and meetups. Anna also recently coordinated the volunteer team for the Say No to Tar Sands petition.

Once a volunteer, always a volunteer
This project means a great deal to her, and so she intends to keep volunteering for it “forever.” It’s especially important to her, as she believes we should “make our choices heard in the next election.”

Anna now works at a firm specializing in public affairs in areas including the environment and energy, and continues to give her time to the environmental movement. For Anna, getting involved in essential!

“There are so many important issues, like education, culture and social affairs. My passion lies with the environment, and if I can make even a slight improvement to the world and our future, I’ll be happy!” she says.

Thank you for your commitment, Anna. Keep inspiring us!