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Laurence Plourde Dinelle- Volunteering for a human and professional experience

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Laurence Plourde Dinelle first came across Équiterre while working in restaurants, when she discovered local farmers who were supplying fresh organic produce. However, her philanthropic management studies actually brought her to us.

Interested in event organization, Laurence volunteered at the cocktail fundraiser in fall 2014. She didn’t see herself as an activist, but felt drawn to Équiterre’s stand on issues and mission to raise awareness, and wanted to see how what she learned at university about fundraising could be applied to real-life situations.

That experience is paying off. Laurence arrived in the midst of preparations for the two 2014 cocktail fundraisers and is now working on the online auction, as well as on the ground at events in Montreal and Quebec City. Building on last year’s success, she’s busy preparing the 2015 auction, which starts on May 15 (insert link). Laurence has had the chance to explore various aspects of event work during her year at Équiterre, including research, finding new partners, follow-ups, updates, logistics and communications.

An invaluable contribution

Laurence’s experience has also opened her eyes to volunteering. She believes that combining studies and interests with a concrete, hands-on experience where you’re given some autonomy is worth its weight in gold.

As a philanthropic management student, Laurence is quick to stress the importance of volunteers in non-profit organizations, but also values other ways of getting involved. “If everyone or every corporate organization invested in a project—making regular donations or giving time—it would make a huge difference.”

Laurence would now like to get off to a good start in her new job as events coordinator for a Montreal-based caterer, as well as volunteer for a youth organization to reconnect with her first love and what she first studied—psychoeducation. And perhaps, in the not too distant future, she’ll get involved in an environmental education project. She’s certainly not short of ideas!

Thank you so much, Laurence, for your hard work and contribution to the success of Équiterre projects!