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Volunteer Lise Dunnigan believes that getting involved changes the world!

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When Lise Dunnigan retired in 2011, she joined Équiterre’s Quebec City volunteer action group—and has never left. After a career in the Quebec government, where her work focused on the status of women, public health and poverty, she became concerned about issues regarding the state of the planet and related problems.

At Équiterre’s member meetup four years ago, Lise was thrilled to discover what she describes as “an extraordinary network of interesting, positive people with a forward-looking approach and above all, committed to a vision I strongly believe in.” She decided to give her time whenever possible, and she has had plenty of opportunities in the last few years!

Recognized commitment

Lise is almost as familiar with Équiterre projects as our employees and has supported her action group in most activities. This includes promoting organic baskets, preparing for PARK(ing) day, helping run Équiterre information booths, collecting signatures for the “Say No to Tar Sands” campaign and volunteering at fundraising dinners and happening meetups.

Her commitment has not gone unnoticed: the action group received the fair-trade month commitment award last May for updating the Quebec City fair-trade directory. Lise has been actively involved in this time-consuming task, part of the Québec, Ville Équitable project, which aims to obtain the coveted Fairtrade Town status for the historic capital.

Urgent need for a revolution

When asked why she gets involved, Lise was clearly proud. “I like giving my time to such an important cause. In return, I learn a lot about Équiterre projects. I love learning and getting to know people in the network. We share the same values and concerns, and have so much fun working together.”

Lise is convinced that her actions make a difference, pointing out that the media and government actors have been talking more and more in recent years about the urgent need for an energy revolution and shift away from fossil fuels.

“I’m sure that getting involved helps to overcome challenges, apathy and ignorance. It also raises awareness about the need to act. I really believe things are going to change.”

Thank you, Lise, for your perseverance and for reminding us that changing the world begins with actions that anyone can take!