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Our Kids Encourage You to Go Green this Holiday Season!

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Our bright little elves have some great suggestions for going green this holiday season. Équiterre and the Centre for Sustainable Development created a short video for you and wish you a wonderful holiday season.

The video is only in French for the moment, but the English version will be posted on our website and social media accounts ( very soon!

In the meantime, here are some ideas and tips for going green.

Santa’s Top Tips

Our kids said the best thing about Christmas is spending quality time with friends and family. And playing—inside and out! The artsy one suggested creating homemade cards and gifts. Others talked about buying quality toys that will last and giving toys we don’t play with anymore to friends, family or people in need.

The Fun Way to Get to Parties—Fast!

Why not carshare and do Christmas karaoke on the way? You’ll reduce your carbon footprint and there’ll be less traffic, so you’ll get to parties or activities faster. A good alternative is public transportation or a taxi. Or if you’re in Montreal, you could treat yourself to a ride in a Téo Taxi electric cab. We also encourage you to walk and steer clear of shopping centres.

A Calorie-Free Christmas?

Food, food and more food. Unfortunately, we don’t have any calorie-free recipes for you, but we do have some ideas for eating pesticide and chemical-free. ;) We encourage you to buy local organic vegetables and meat from our family farmers, and organic drinks and wine. You could also bake cookies with fair-trade sugar and make hot chocolate and other hot drinks with fair-trade cocoa and spices. Look after our planet! There’s still time to sign up for a winter organic basket or trial basket.
Blogger Nana Marmelade shares holiday recipe for fair-trade chocolate cake with rosemary
Have a local, ethical and gourmet Christmas

Christmas Trees Are So 2017—Time to Move On!

Here are some ideas and pictures to inspire you. The good news is you don’t have to be crafty:

  • Garlands made with ribbon and shapes cut out of construction paper
  • Painted (or ribbon-covered) clothespins lined up to make a nice Advent calendar or just to hang up Christmas cards
  • A Christmas tree made out of a wine corks
  • A crown made of buttons threaded on a metal wire
  • Faded and dull Christmas balls revived with pictures from old newspapers, magazines or books
  • Outdoor decorations made of cranberries and branches
  • A wreath made of wool and felt
  • A fir tree made of different coloured felt circles
  • A gingerbread house
  • Button wreaths
  • A colourful wreath made of striped drinking straws
  • An Advent calendar made with cardboard boxes
  • Fabric scrap garlands, like the ones we used to make with our grandparents
  • Paper snowflake garlands
  • Snowballs made of recycled pots
  • Bows for the top of the tree
  • A banner to create a magical effect in your Christmas decor
  • Red-nosed reindeer made of cardboard

For the Christmas tree, forget the real vs. artificial debate. Branch out: make your own tree from repurposed materials! A wood pallet, an old picture frame, a box of decorations unearthed from the depths of your basement. Read a previous action of the month, Upcycled Christmas Trees, for more ideas.

Focus on What Really Matters <3

Kids speak the truth and they told us the holiday season is not about buying things. It’s about being with people we love and care about. It’s about sharing and reaching out to people in need. Focus on solidarity this holiday season and spread the love!

For a green 2018 year, join the movement and support the environment cause...for our kids!;)