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100 debates on the environment will take place across Canada two weeks before the 2019 federal election Save the Date: October 7, 2019

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GreenPAC, supported in Québec by Équiterre and local groups and organizations, is inviting all incumbent MPs and all candidates to 100 non-partisan all-candidates debates on the environment, which will take place on the same night during the federal election campaign.

The 100 Debates on the Environment initiative will make October 7th the second-most important day in the 2019 campaign.

Issue-based all-candidates debates have never taken place in Canada on this scale. More than 65 debates have already been confirmed from coast to coast to coast. So far, 14 debates will be happening in ridings in Quebec and more will be added. If you are interested in organizing a debate in your riding, please fill out this form.

Voters are the real decision-makers

As Colleen Thorpe, Interim Executive Director at Équiterre says in an open letter about 100 Debates for the Environment: “We deserve a good debate on the environment. We even deserve many. Just as we deserve ideas, potential solutions and clear commitments from our candidates.”

As Sabrina Bowman, Executive Director of GreenPAC says: “Concerns such as climate change, toxics, wilderness protection and water are now ballot box issues for voters from all walks of life. Public support for environmental issues, and climate change in particular, is stronger than ever, with pollsters describing this support as ‘the new normal’. Abacus notes that 78% of Canadians now describe themselves as ‘moderate environmentalists’. Earnscliffe notes that 83% of Canadians say protecting the environment is one of the most important issues facing Canada. And Environics concludes that Canadians rank GHG reduction as the top priority when it comes to what should be the ‘guiding principles’ for developing natural resources. Strong public support for environmental leadership doesn’t always break through the din of election noise but 100 Debates can change that”.

Useful links

Visit for more information, for the list of local debates or to organize a debate in your riding.

See the press release