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18,000 members can change the world!

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The Équiterre citizens’ movement continues to grow, and we are very proud to have passed the milestone of 18,000 members! To each and every one of you who, like us, believes that there are solutions and that it is possible to change the world one step at a time, 18,000 THANKS for giving us the means to act!

If we work together, we can influence our municipal, provincial and national decision makers and public policies on the big issues, such as tackling climate change, buying local and promoting sustainable mobility. Every day we remind ourselves that we are working for you AND with you for our children’s future.

If you’re not yet an Équiterre member, join now. A donation of just $10 a month makes all the difference to us!

We often receive heartwarming notes of encouragement from our members that truly give our work meaning. Here are a few examples:

Elisabeth, Chicoutimi: I hope you’ll come back to Chicoutimi to promote electric cars. Great stuff!

Christiane, Longueuil: Congratulations on your excellent work monitoring issues, raising public awareness and providing information!

Ginette, Saint-Lambert: This year, my husband and I traded in our old car for a Volt to reduce our use of fossil fuels. Thank you to everyone at Équiterre for all your fabulous work.

Denise, Drummondville: I really admire what you’re achieving or attempting to achieve, namely, equity.

Christian, Quebec City: Please make more appearances on private radio in Quebec City. A lot of myths and lies about climate change are being bandied about on the air. Many people don’t believe in human-caused global warming, despite the scientific consensus. You have to explain to them how much the earth has warmed up over the past 30 years, make them fully understand the effects it’s going to have on us if we don’t drastically change our consumption patterns (floods, droughts, forest fires, wars).

Danielle, Sainte-Sabine: Bravo for everything you’re doing for our beautiful planet!

Pierre, Montreal: The Energy East pipeline is the main reason I joined Équiterre. Thank you for everything you’re doing on this issue.

Antoine, Granby: Please keep raising public awareness of the environmental and economic issues connected with various development projects in Quebec. And make our voice heard at various international environmental organizations. In other words, keep up the good work.

Simon, Victoriaville: Thank you for existing.