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25,000 say a 100% clean renewable economy is 100% possible!

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Actu - Marche 100 possible EN

The day before the opening of the 21st United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP21) in Paris, 25,000 citizens, families, members of environmental groups, unions, First Nations and faith groups of all ages marched in Ottawa to tell the federal government and elected provincial officials that a 100% clean renewable economy is not just 100% possible—it’s a must!

Take a look at the giant human 100% sign formed by marchers to illustrate this message!

Thank you to all those who responded to the call to action led by 100% Possible March for Climate Solutions and Justice, a coalition of over 80 organizations from various backgrounds. The march was the biggest in Canada—as well as a historic event in the streets of Ottawa—and part of the Global Climate March. Équiterre put a lot of time and effort into organizing and publicizing the event and mobilizing marchers.

Just one planet

785,000 people came together in 2,300 marches in 175 countries to demand action to stop climate change. Their thoughts were with Parisians, whose climate march was cancelled because of the government ban on demonstrations following the November 13 attacks.

Even though Southern communities and islanders are currently most affected by climate change, all countries—poor, rich, industrialized and developing—are concerned. Scientists have now clearly established the human impact on climate change and the necessity to keep the global warming below the danger level of 2 degree Celsius and we should all take the warning seriously, particularly now, as 145 leaders from 195 countries are meeting in Paris to make—we hope—the most credible and binding international treaty ever and to start actively tackling climate change. We have the technology and solutions, and with the political will, we can solve climate change in our lifetime!

Nature Québec, Greenpeace Canada, the David Suzuki Foundation and Équiterre have also published an open letter, which has been picked up by a few mainstream media outlets (French only). It calls on the new government to make Canada a leader in addressing climate change again, and to make firm, ambitious commitments within the framework of COP21. Here’s a sample: The oil industry may have dominated the energy agenda for decades, but it is now in decline. Renewable energies, on the other hand, are growing fast. Canada is at a turning point. It needs to diversify the economy and create jobs in the new green low-carbon economy.

See 100% Possible March in Ottawa and Global Climate March photos!