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7 reasons to sign up for an organic basket

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We know that eating local organic food benefits our health, the environment and the local economy. But some people are still hesitant to sign up for an organic basket from one of Équiterre’s family farmers for a season.

If you have any doubts, reading these 7 points will put them to rest!


1. Organic vegetables in Équiterre baskets are less expensive than those in grocery stores.

We’ve been monitoring prices for over 10 years and can confidently say that an Équiterre organic basket generally costs 28% less than the equivalent selection in grocery stores and 7.25% less than non organic vegetables in Quebec.

2. Our basket program is flexible, so you’ll only be eating vegetables you like.

For a few years now, all the farms in the network have given subscribers the option to trade one or more vegetables at their drop-off point to make sure they won’t end up with vegetables they’re not so keen on. Some farms even set up mini markets so you can create your own basket, choosing from a variety of vegetables at a stall.

3. Discover new vegetables and new ways to prepare them.

Each basket features 6 to 12 different vegetables, which vary throughout the season. Yes, you’ll have standards, like tomatoes, carrots, lettuce and onions. But your family farmer will also introduce you to new ones and suggest ways to prepare delicious dishes with them. This is a great opportunity to try new recipes, jazz up your menu and impress your friends and family! Don’t hesitate to ask your family farmer questions. They’re always delighted to share cooking and preserving tips at delivery time. And join our Facebook group, Recettes pour paniers bio [Organic basket recipes]: you can make suggestions and swap tasty recipe ideas for seasonal vegetables with other subscribers—long term and newbies. You’ll get used to cooking with vegetables you’re unfamiliar with in no time!

You’ll also learn surprising ways to cook vegetables, like

Pumpkin cake for chocoholics

4. The baskets come in different sizes to ensure nothing goes to waste.

We all have different eating habits and the vegetables in each basket are eaten by different numbers of people. The farmers are aware of this, so most of them offer a choice of sizes and delivery frequency. If you think the small basket will be too big (we think this is highly unlikely as you’ll soon be hooked on fresh, tasty, pesticide free vegetables from your family farmer!), you could share it with a neighbour, friend or coworker. You may even make new friends in the process!

5. You can pay in instalments.

We’re aware that cost may be an issue. So all farms in the network now give you the option to pay in instalments, making the baskets more budget friendly. Compare the options available with farms you’re interested in, and then pick the one that suits you best.

6. Organic baskets are available across Quebec.

With over 100 farms in the family farmer network, organic baskets are distributed to nearly 600 drop off points in 14 Quebec regions, Ottawa and even New Brunswick. You can find out where all the drop off points are located at

7. You can go on vacation without losing a basket.

All farms are committed to letting you postpone one or more deliveries for at least a week or two. But you have other options:
• If someone is watering your plants or looking after the cat while you’re away, you could ask them to pick up the basket for you and give them the vegetables to say thank you.
• Give or sell your basket to a friend or family member. As well as promoting organic food, you’ll make them very happy!

The final reason is, without doubt, to help change the world, one veggie at a time.

An organic basket subscription is more than just another purchase; it will revolutionize how you see food and your relationship with it. Eating becomes a much more human experience when you know the person who grew it and when you eat with the seasons. Not to the mention the satisfaction you’ll get from helping to develop a sustainable food system. This is a chance to start a new way of life: you’ll never look at food the same way again!

Convinced? ;)

Find here where is the delivery point to your house

You can sign up for an organic basket today at and write to us at if you have any questions. Don’t think twice. Eat local and organic!