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A 100% Sustainable Race: It’s Quite a Change!

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Taken part in a sports event in the last few years? If so, you probably saw hundreds of disposable cups littering the ground, plastic bottles galore and masses of cheap made in China medals and promotional items. All in all, many events have a significant environmental footprint.

However, sports challenges and similar events are very popular. And rightfully so! As well as having positive health benefits, they often support good causes. But an important element is all too often overlooked: the health of the planet. This year, with the Change the World with Équiterre race on July 3 on Mount Royal, we’ll be taking up the challenge of combining sports with support for a cause and the environment.

What’s a sustainable race?

It’s about paying particular attention to detail to make sure that best sustainable practices are adopted. Here are some of the initiatives that will take place at the Change the World with Équiterre race:

  • Water bottles and disposable cups will not be distributed. Participants have to bring their own reusable canteens or bottles, which can be filled up at water points.
  • Runners will not receive medals or kits.
  • Reusable timing chips and FSC-certified bibs will be used.
  • All food and products available will be local and/or organic and/or fair-trade.
  • There’ll be entertainment and booths with an environmental focus.
  • The Renaissance organization will organize a used sports gear and clothing drive the day of the race.

Visit the race web page to find out about other sustainable initiatives.

Take action for the environment and sign up today!

Do it soon, prices will go up after April 15.