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A good resolution for 2017

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Make a simple, positive New Year’s resolution that will delight your taste buds: sign up for an organic basket. You’ll get to enjoy pesticide-free food while supporting local farmers and the local economy.

Despite the cold, short days, our family farmers are not hibernating! You can receive local organic vegetables even in winter by signing up with a farm that delivers near your home or workplace. Not many people know Équiterre organic baskets cost 30% less than the equivalent amount of store bought organic vegetables! So you can cut down your trips to the grocery store and still enjoy healthy, home-grown vegetables. Many family farmers are also offering organic bread, grains, meat, eggs and oil this winter.

Family farmers need your support

Ô Saine Terre, Les Bio-Locaux—a collective that provides the best produce from 20 member farms to Montrealers and South Shore residents—and other farms still have subscriptions available for the winter season that runs until May. The farmers planned their crops to meet the increasing demand for winter baskets and are relying on your commitment and support to achieve their objectives. The Bio Locaux collective started last winter with approximately 1000 suscribtions and this year, they expanded their offer to 1800. Help them meet their objective by signing up for a basket delivered to your neighbourhood!

Find the most practical drop-off point for you on the map, and join others in making a difference to farming and healthy, sustainable food in Quebec!