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A month of celebrating healthy, sustainable food in schools!

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Actu - Farm to school month

The first-ever pan-Canadian conference on healthy, sustainable school food, Changing the Menu, which was organized by Équiterre and partners in November last year, continues to have a ripple effect.

At a webinar and networking event this week, over 120 people carried on the work of knowledge transfer and collaboration already well underway.

A real achievement

In Montreal alone, 322 schools have carried out initiatives that provide food to students and educate them about the benefits of healthy food, and have put them on the national school food map. And some 527 of the 960 activities registered across Canada are being run in Quebec! Remember, there’s still time to put school and daycare activities on the map!


Throughout October, the Farm to School Month campaign will be taking place across Canada! Children in daycares (aged 5 and under) and kindergarten through to Grade 12 are invited to celebrate—with their educators, teachers, principals, parents, chefs, farmers and friends—the many initiatives across Canada to put healthy, local and sustainable food into the minds and onto the plates of children and students. Farm to School celebrations can take place in a forest, garden, cafeteria, daycare, classroom, home kitchen or on a farm!

Register your activity for a chance to win a $1,500 grant for your school or daycare!