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Dark Week in Canada: Ottawa must hear our voices

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Like you, we were shocked and scandalized by the Trudeau government’s decision to purchase Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline. The billions of taxpayer dollars to be invested in this project do not in any way address the national interest. Quite the contrary, this decision will prevent good jobs from being created in the renewable energy sector and green technologies from being developed in Alberta and the rest of Canada. This move is completely at odds with the climate change objectives announced by the Prime Minister at the Paris Conference in 2016.

During the election campaign, Justin Trudeau promised that projects of this nature would never go ahead without the acceptance of the communities affected. Just one more broken promise.

Indeed, Justin Trudeau had promised the G20 and G7 to do away with subsidies for fossil fuels and had charged the Finance Minister with eliminating these subsidies in Canada. With the G7 meeting set to kick off next week, the Canadian government is moving backwards, conferring a generous subsidy on the Texan company Kinder Morgan.

What’s more, we have every reason to believe that the Trudeau government is preparing in the coming days to backtrack on yet another election promise, that of amending the Income Tax Act so as to protect charities’ freedom of expression and participation in public debate. Will we soon be subject once again to gag orders from the Canada Revenue Agency as soon as we dare say something critical? It’s also your freedom of expression that’s at risk, because these charities speak on your behalf to defend issues that you care about, such as social justice, the environment and health.

Équiterre remains in favour of a constructive dialogue to change perceptions and public policy. However, there are also times where we need to express our profound disagreement.

That is why we are asking you, dear friends, to mobilize with us around these issues. Take the time to sign the petitions below. Together, we have political clout. Let’s make our voices heard and our indignation known.

Sidney Ribaux and Steven Guilbeault
Cofounders, Executive Director and Senior Director


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