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Equiterre at the World Social Forum in Montreal

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For the first time, The world social forum will take place in a Northern country, that is, in Montreal, where 50000 to 80000 people from all around the world will gather in the hopes of contributing to a global effort to build a more sustainable world, where each and every individual as well as nation will have a place they call home and equal chances of getting their voices heard. Under the slogan “Another world is necessary, together, it becomes possible”, the 2016 edition offers more than 1500 activities, including “la foire environmental ecosphere”, the festival of collaborative and ecological concepts Eco2Fest as well as several others activities organized by Equiterre.

Join this great and unique event now!

Équiterre, who has been working for a more organic, fair and united world for the past 25 years, will present open and socio-ecological activities along with multiple partners, about proximity agriculture, and fair trade – A topic which paves the way for the discussion of North-South inequalities. To top it all off, a networking event with social and environmental OBNLs and an exhibition at the MDD will also take place. More details to come…

Changing the world with innovation

Always on top of new initiatives, Equiterre also supports Eco2Fest, which is the very first festival highlighting collaborative and ecological concepts, where five innovative and positively impactful projects will be brought forth. The projects involve the design of a prototype, which is intended to help with building a zero-waste, carbon free world.

Do you dream of participating in the World Social Forum of Montreal ? Equiterre will draw a pair of tickets among all submissions to the following question: According to you, what is a critical issue that must be addressed in order to reduce North-South inequalities and that also aspires to a more ecological, fair and united world? Answers we consider realistic, visionary and that have potential innovative impact on society will be retained and published over the course of the summer on our Facebook and Twitter page.

Raffle takes place on Monday June 27 th, at noon.