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Annual report 2023

30 years of environmental action - For our collective well-being and that of the planet

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Équiterre is proud to present its 2023 annual report, which outlines our many accomplishments in 2023, made possible with the help of our members and supporters.

A word from our Executive Director

Our society is alive. It’s living – it evolves, it adapts, it’s influenced, it learns. We, the individuals, communities, businesses and groups that comprise our society, are naturally swept up in its evolution. So much so that we do not necessarily notice all the day-to-day changes that take place. It’s only when we take a step back that we can really take in how it has evolved, and see how far we’ve come.

A 30th anniversary is a good opportunity to do just that. If we go back in time to 1993, when Équiterre was founded by six young people, our society was different in many respects. The minimum wage was $5.85, people smoked in bars, many cyclists didn’t wear helmets and we used the trusty old telephone to communicate with one another. For more memories of 1993, have a look at our special 30th anniversary section at the end of this document.

These past 30 years have seen many positive advances due to the ingenuity, tenacity and good intentions of various changemakers in our society. But at the same time, our lifestyles and our economic system have also evolved to be less and less respectful of our planetary limits. The fossil fuel industry, the pesticide industry, real estate development, advertising and many other sectors have been relentlessly imposing themselves, to the detriment of our ecosystems and our societies.

Over the past three decades, Équiterre has played an important role in standing up to the pressure of these industries. Combative but constructive, our little organization has highlighted the issues, proposed guidelines and solutions, and mobilized multiple stakeholders to take action with us to improve our social and environmental well-being.

Can you imagine what our society would look like if we hadn’t come together these past 30 years to do this work? Équiterre’s impact has been significant, and I’m grateful to be able to contribute to it.

To our dear members, supporters, volunteers, staff members, donors and collaborators - thank you, and let’s keep going.

Colleen Thorpe, Executive Director

Executive Director

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