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Happy Birthday Mother Earth!

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Today, April 22, we celebrate Earth Day and the interdependence between human beings, the species that surround us and our planet. More and more people are concerned about the quality of our environment and are taking action.

Since I took the helm of Équiterre, sustainable agriculture has been one of my priorities and has become one of our organization's principal action areas. Working alongside agricultural stakeholders and highlighting the benefits of best practices in the field, Équiterre is helping to promote healthy, local and environmentally responsible food.

This Earth Day - after more than a year of a public health crisis that has added to the burden of the climate and ecosystem crisis - is an urgent reminder of the need to take action.

In Quebec, GHG emissions declined by only 6% between 1990 and 2018!

Strong measures must be taken, and your support is vital. Human activity continues to undermine the health and biodiversity of our dear planet through such things as deforestation, land use change and intensive livestock and agricultural production.

Solutions exist and there is a strong desire for change. More than ever, we need to band together to put pressure on our decision-makers to effect meaningful change.

We must take action today for a better tomorrow!

Colleen Thorpe
Executive Director