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Hydro-Quebec, I have a dream for Quebec

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Colleen micro

A few weeks ago, Hydro-Quebec made the decision to cede its land in Beauharnois so that Google could build a data center on it. A land-use decision worthy of another era and yet another example to add to the long list of poorly thought out projects in Quebec that have caused the disappearance of some 35,000 hectares of land over the past 20 years.

A government corporation sacrificing our nourishing land for the benefit of a multinational company. To call it a disappointment would be a significant understatement.

While there is no shortage of nice words and speeches about the need to support Quebec agriculture, we are sorely lacking in action and in vision for our land: a vision of a Quebec that takes care of its farmland, its soil and its workers.

I wrote an open letter on the subject for CTV News.

Our agricultural land should first and foremost feed our population. Our government corporations must set a good example and lay the groundwork to ensure that they are managed responsibly.

Hydro-Quebec wants to know what makes us dream

Hydro-Quebec recently launched a citizen consultation to better understand the hopes and dreams of Quebecers, to be able to work together to create “the Quebec of our dreams”.

My hope, my dream is that instead of ceding its land to non-agricultural projects, Hydro-Québec would give the use of all its cultivable land in perpetuity to regenerative agriculture projects, which could guarantee food sovereignty for our generation and those to come.

What are your hopes and dreams? I encourage you to send your wishes to Hydro-Quebec and to ask them not to forget the importance of agriculture in “the Quebec of our dreams”. Simply answer the short questionnaire and then mention your wish in the comment field.

Our agricultural land is a non-renewable resource. Let's put our collective energy to work to preserve it.

Colleen Thorpe
Executive Director, Équiterre