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La marmite éducative: Quebec’s first food education platform

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Équiterre and its partners are excited to have launched La marmite éducative, a platform with a multitude of quality, reliable food education resources. A first of its kind in Quebec!

With highly processed food products dominating school cafeterias and grocery store shelves, many parents struggle to get their children to love seasonal fruits and vegetables.

At Équiterre, we strongly believe that it takes a village – and not just parents – to convince our youth of the importance of healthy, sustainable food. We're working to give young people a better connection to the food they eat. That is the essence of La marmite éducative (currently in French only), a tool for teachers and animators working with young people aged 0 to 17 at daycare centres, primary and secondary schools, and summer camps.

What’s cooking in our marmite?

Get a taste of how the plateform works:

At this time of the year, when Quebec’s fields are bursting with delicious seasonal food, here are some activities that put local food front and centre:

Décris-moi ton légume [Tell me about your vegetable]: an activity for young primary school students.
Écoles enracinées [Schools Take Root]: A fundraising campaign for your community with baskets of organic vegetables.
L’agriculture chez les Premières Nations [First Nations agriculture]: an exercise sheet for older primary school students.
La soupe est servie [The soup is ready]: a quiz on our food system for high school students
Visite à la ferme D3Pierres (Montreal) [Visit to the D3Pierres Farm]: to learn about agriculture right on the farm.
Affiches éducatives pour la petite enfance [Educational posters for preschoolers]: learning with the help of illustrated posters.

About La marmite éducative

La marmite éducative comprises over 400 educational tools that educators and animators can use with young people (workshops, turnkey activities, field trips, informative content, challenges, etc.) along with reliable, credible professional services (support, training, funding) developed by over 100 organizations in Quebec.

Who is it for? The platform is for people who work with youth from all walks of life (age 0 to 17): early childhood, grade school, high school, summer camps, youth centres, community services, etc.

Why is it important? So that our children, from preschool through high school, can acquire knowledge, skills and habits that will help them eat healthy and sustainable food.

Are you a parent or grandparent that would like to tell your daycare centre, school or organization about La marmite éducative? You can use this sample email:

“Are you looking for educational tools on nutrition for youth? I have some exciting news! There’s a new virtual platform made up of more than 400 reliable, credible food education resources for children aged 0 to 17 (workshops, turnkey activities, field trips, fundraising activities, informative content, support, etc.), developed by over 100 Quebec organizations.
Click here to learn more:
La marmite éducative was developed by Équiterre, in conjunction with the Table québécoise sur la saine alimentation.”

The expertise of 23 organizations

The Marmite éducative is made possible through the expertise of Équiterre and the Table québécoise sur la saine alimentation (TQSA). Produced by Équiterre, this project is supported by representatives of 23 partners in the fields of education and nutrition. It receives funding from the Government of Quebec.