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October Action of the Month: 3 ways to put the environment front and centre in the federal election

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Last week, Daily Show host Trevor Noah asked Greta Thunberg in an interview, if there was one thing people could do for the planet, what would it be? She replied: become informed and get involved politically. *”If I would choose one thing everyone would do, it would be to inform yourself, and to try to understand the situation, and try to push for a political movement that doesn’t exist, because the politics needed to fix this don’t exist today. I think what we should do as individuals is to use the power of democracy to make our voices heard and to make sure that the people in power actually cannot continue to ignore this. » View the interview here

The timing is good, because our October Action of the Month provides suggestions on how to become informed and to get involved in the democratic process - to put the environment front and centre for the October 21 federal election.The time is now to flex your civic muscles. There are 21 days left in this marathon!

Greta Thunberg explains what individuals can do to make a difference for the environment.


According to a recent study conducted by leading global climate organizations, countries would need to triple their efforts to comply with the 2 degree objective under the Paris Agreement, and increase them fivefold to limit warming to 1.5 degrees.

How did the political parties respond to our 10 environmental demands?

To better understand the major political parties’ positions on the environment, have a look at their responses to our 10 environmental demands. These demands were drawn up by our coalition of Canada’s 14 leading environmental groups.

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Attend an all-candidates debate on the environment 

Is there a debate on the environment in your riding on October 3? Over 117 debates will take place simultaneously across Canada, including 25 in Quebec!

Follow the One Earth One Vote campaign on social media: @OneEarthOneVote


Contact your candidates to let them know that you’ll be voting for the environment
Email your candidates to let them know that your vote will go to the candidate who pledges ambitious action on the environment. We’ve drawn up a standard email, but feel free to change it!

Encourage 18-38 year olds to vote!

Did you know that young adults aged 18-38 account for 30% of the electorate, the largest age segment of the population? (Have a look at this article by Radio-Canada: “Le parti élu le 21 octobre pourra dire merci aux millénariaux”). The segment could have a serious impact on the election results, but to do that they have to vote! Share this email with the 18-38 year olds you know and encourage them to subscribe to our text alerts and to join the One Earth One Vote Facebook/Instagram groups!

There has never been a federal election more crucial for the environment: the solutions exist, but – in the short time we have left – we need the political will and courage to effect the necessary economic and environmental transformations. For our individual actions to have a significant impact, they must be amplified by ambitious public policies that encourage and facilitate these actions.October 1: Register on the list of electors. Take a moment to make sure that you're registered.

We only have one Earth.
You have one vote.