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Organic summer baskets delivered near you: There’s still time to sign up!

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Organic summer baskets delivered near you: There’s still time to sign up!

There is still time to register for your organic baskets from the Family Farmers Network, which was put in place almost 25 years ago by Équiterre! And when you register, you will have a chance to win one of several prizes being offered in the My Farmer, My Planet contest!

Have a look at 5 good reasons  for having a family farmer (french only)

(And learn more about how they help cut back on waste, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce your grocery bill, avoid the use of pesticides and invest in the local economy.)

You’re not convinced because you live alone and are afraid of having too many vegetables?
You don’t think you would be able to get there on time every week?
Or worse, you don’t like Swiss Chard?? ;)

  • Many of the farms offer various sizes of baskets, and some even have a card prepayment option. Find one near you!
  • You can share the basket contents with a relative, a friend or a neighbour (split 50/50 or shared, one every two weeks!)
  • Sign up as a group, if there is a delivery point at or near your office. Having your organic baskets delivered to you at work is a real time saver: you can leave work with a portion of your groceries already in hand!
  • Some farms allow you to change or cancel your delivery location, and some allow you to pick up your basket at a different location or at a later time.
  • Most of the farms offer a mini-market formula, which allows you to choose vegetables based on what you like.

You’re still not sure?

Unlike many of the other options available, the farms that belong to the Family Farmers Network are fully organically certified by Québec Vrai or Écocert Canada. They guarantee that their products will be different from regular supermarket products, because of their production techniques which are more respectful of the environment and human health. For instance, they do not use synthetic inputs (pesticides and fertilizers) or genetically modified seeds.

The contest period for the Family Farmers Network’s summer organic baskets ends May 17. So sign up here