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Recipes From Celebrities : Solidarity couscous to wrap up 20th anniversary celebrations

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Salads, soups, bakes, gratins, chips, tarts, purées, pies, pancakes and strattas—What fun we had fun celebrating the 20th anniversary of Équiterre’s family farmer organic basket program!

Since last spring, the Équiterre team’s top 20 celebrities have been taking part in a recipe challenge. Following the seasons and using the contents of an organic basket, these Équiterre supporters put together some delicious recipes that you can make at home.

Laure Waridel, who helped established this extensive family farmer network, brought the celebrations to a fabulous end in her generous, openhearted way with a post-January 29 solidarity couscous recipe combining winter vegetables and Moroccan spices.

Other celebrities included Karim Ouellet, who came up with a three-course meal, and Marilou, who shared her savoury aubergine pancake recipe. Édith Cochrane and Emmanuel Bilodeau even made a short fun video of themselves digging into the contents of their organic basket. Discover the creative and original recipes of 20 celebrities we love!

We would like to thank everyone for celebrating the 20th anniversary of Équiterre’s family farmer organic basket program and sharing our values about healthy, local and organic food. And thank you to all the farmers who provided generous baskets of local organic vegetables.

Now it’s your turn to get cooking with fresh, pesticide-free vegetables, grown and delivered with love by our local family farmers. Find the drop-off point nearest your home and sign up!


(Recipes in French Only)

Squash soup by green caterer Vincent Lafleur
Cream-free creamy onion soup by online chef Bob le Chef

Leftover raw vegetable salad by actor-comedians Édith Cochrane and Emmanuel Bilodeau
Healthy, fresh salad by actress and host Chantal Fontaine
Crunchy cooked and raw vegetable salad by Jérôme Ferrer, Grand chef Relais & Châteaux and owner of Restaurant Europea

Beetroot salad by renowned food columnist and chef Philippe Mollé
Beetroot chips by singer-songwriter and pianist Florence K
Beetroot with walnuts and maple syrup by actress Sophie Cadieux
Beetroot salad with hazelnuts by foodie blogger Nana Marmelade

Vegetarian main dishes
Solidarity couscous by Équiterre co-founder and social activist Laure Waridel
Puff pastry tomato tart by singer-songwriter Fanny Bloom
Gratin Dauphinois with butternut squash and celeriac by journalist and columnist Josée Blanchette
Root vegetable pie by Équiterre co-founder and Senior Director Steven Guilbeault
Mild coconut curry by singer-songwriter Ian Kelly
Savoury pancakes by Marilou, the mastermind behind the Trois fois par jour [Three Times a Day] website

Fish dishes
Maple-glazed salmon by actress Christine Beaulieu
Salmon bake by cooking-show host Josée Di Stasio

Main dishes
Stratta with a twist by actor-director-host Christian Bégin
Roast chicken with sage by Cree host and committed activist Nakuset
Pot roast by singer-songwriter Karim Ouellet