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Sign to ban the most hazardous pesticide in Quebec!

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Actu - Ban atrazine

Did you know that your corn may have been sprayed with atrazine, a pesticide that has been linked to sterility in frogs and could affect your health?

Atrazine is a synthetic herbicide that is among the most widely used pesticides in Quebec, mainly for weed control in corn farming, and which is found in 98% of the samples taken from rivers in our corn-growing areas. This pesticide is hazardous to the environment, so much so that it has been banned in the European Union since 2004.

Please sign and share our petition to ask Quebec government to ban the use and sale of atrazine, the most hazardous pesticide used in Quebec! 

You can also see all actions taken by Équiterre and its partners to supervise and ban the use of hazardous pesticides in Quebec and Canada (French only – English version coming)