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Sign up for an Équiterre organic basket and enjoy local organic vegetables all winter!

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Actu - Paniers d'hiver

Registration for 2016–2017 winter baskets are open!

“Eating local organic produce all year round has never been easier with family farmers!” says Isabelle Joncas, project manager of Équiterre’s family farmer network. “In winter, it’s a real challenge to find a variety of organic vegetables in Quebec. Organic baskets are the perfect solution!” After signing up, people from 10 regions in Quebec receive local, fresh, pesticide-free produce. As well as the classics—potatoes, carrots, apples, squash, beetroot, parsnips, cabbage, leeks, celeriac, garlic, onions, lettuce and sprouts—farms in the network will be including flour, oil, seeds, meat and organic bread in the baskets this year.

Signing up for an organic basket is all the more appropriate given that most food travels an average 2,000 km before reaching our plates. Since 2006, the demand for local organic products has tripled in Canada, making agri-food the fastest-growing sector. This trend is apparent both in big cities and the regions, where supporting local producers and enthusiasm for local produce is making a comeback. According to the results of a Quebec pesticide-monitoring program, half of the fruits and vegetables sold contain traces of pesticides. That’s another good reason for signing up for an organic, pesticide-free basket to provide your family with healthy food.

A strong network celebrates its 20th anniversary

Since June, to celebrate the family farmer network’s 20th anniversary, celebrities the Équiterre team are particularly fond of and who share similar values when it comes to healthy, local organic food, have been creating recipes using fruits and vegetables from organic baskets. Josée Blanchette, Christian Bégin, Jérôme Ferrer, Fanny Bloom, Emmanuel Bilodeau, Édith Cochrane, Florence K., Marilou and Chantal Fontaine are some of the stars who took to the kitchen. Check out their inspiring recipe ideas!

If you’d like to impress your family and guests by cooking your own star-quality recipes, go to, find the drop-off point nearest your home or workplace and sign up with the farm that delivers to your area.

Registration will be open until the Équiterre family farmers have no places left. Hurry!