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Solidarity takes centre stage in Quebec schools and daycares

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Schools Take Root, an Équiterre project that has been enjoyed by hundreds of schools and daycares in all regions of Quebec over the past six years, faced a major challenge in 2020: what if we had to cancel the delivery of baskets of organic vegetables because of the pandemic? From this challenge, a wonderful idea was born and really took root this fall: we could offer baskets to families in need. And so it was that 464 “solidarity baskets” were donated this year, not because deliveries were cancelled, but simply because generous families chose to donate baskets through the Schools Take Root fundraising campaign.

At this time of year when generosity abounds and food insecurity continues to threaten many, Équiterre is proud to have brought this initiative to life.

Our pride is shared by the many organizers and parents who deployed the Schools Take Root fundraiser in their schools and daycares this year.

“I’m really happy that our school took part in this local organic vegetables initiative, especially because it helped disadvantaged families in the region. These are important values to instill in our children at a young age,” said Marilyne, mother of three from Rosemère.

Marilyne’s children, Coralie, Alicia and Lukaël enjoyed meeting the farmer who came to their school with seasonal organic vegetables.

A glowing report for the 2021 edition of Schools Take Root

Schools Take Root is one of Équiterre’s sustainable food education initiatives - one of the many pieces of our work to improve our agri-food systems.

Schools Take Root is...

  • a positive and committed experience for Quebec school children through a fundraising campaign that benefits their school;
  • a project to create awareness about sustainable food through baskets of local organic vegetables;
  • a project with a positive social and community impact: over 25,000 baskets sold in six years, benefiting Quebec’s organic farmers.

Would you like to have Schools Take Root at your school or daycare?

If you work at a school or daycare centre, you can add your establishment to our distribution list to join us next spring!

If you’re a parent or grandparent, please spread the word about Schools Take Root to your neighbourhood school or daycare centre!

Thank you to our partner Aliments du Québec au menu for supporting the project.