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Some 30 Metro stores now partnering with our family farmers

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Actu - Partenariat Metro

Organic food baskets season is here again and, like every year, we’re counting on our loyal, committed partners to spread the word about how our system operates. The Metro grocery store chain has been hosting Équiterre’s family farmers and their organic food baskets each week in the parking lot of the participating Metro supermarkets.

Metro was the first food retailer in Quebec to partner with our family farmers to help them market their produce by providing them with a drop-off area, but also by taking an active role in promoting organic food baskets in its stores.

This summer, 32 Metro stores will welcome an Équiterre family farmer each week, making it easier for consumers to establish a routine that allows them to buy fresh, local, organic produce at the same place they buy their other, non-perishable items. For Metro, the partnership is in keeping with its vision of corporate responsibility and desire to support Quebec producers.

We want to thank Metro for the effort it is putting into promoting a local, varied supply of fresh produce for consumers, while also supporting our family farmers.