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Special conference “The True Cost of Oil” – Meet the artist Garth Lenz

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Actu - Conférence Garth Lenz EN

Very few people have had the opportunity to see from this close the unimaginable scale of the Alberta’s tar sands - the world’s third largest oil reserve and it’s largest energy project - like the artist Garth Lenz did from the air to realize his photo exhibit “The True Cost of Oil”.

Equiterre gives you an unique chance to meet the artist and get touched by his experience in the industrial universe of the tar sands and take consciousness from his very powerful images of the ecological, social and cultural catastrophy happening in Canada. (The conference will be held in English).

Garth oppose images from the beauty of the boreal forest ecosystem put under treath to the industrial devastation operating in the name of our demands for power from fossil fuel and the true cost of those demands.

While there, take some time to visit the exhibit “The True Cost of Oil” on display at the Centre for Sustainable development until March 18th.

  • When : Tuesday, March 1st, from 12:15 to 1:45 pm
  • Where : Atrium of Centre for sustainable development, 50, Ste-Catherine St. W, H2X 1V4


The webcast will be available at : (March 1st only).

About the artist

Excellent speaker, Garth has shared his experience in the Alberta’s tar sands in a TEDx that has been viewed more than 700 000 times.

In 2009 Garth was named a Senior Fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers, one of only 60 photographers in the world to receive this honour.
Garth’s work has received worldwide attention, been published in the most prestigious editorial and fine art publications like Time Magazine, GEO, National Geographic Society, The New York Times, Canadian Geographic, The Guardian, Esquire and many more.

Photo : Tar Pit # 3. 2010. A tentacular network of roads in the middle of an Alberta’s tar sands open mine.